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Clare Morris

Clare Morris is an Intuitive Coach, Healer, and Artist. She has a wealth of experiential knowledge and practical wisdom in how to live a wholesome life. She helps people to tap into their life force so it can resource and support them. She is passionate about being a channel for unlocking the true self to self-actualize and create pathways to live a full life. Her ethos is based on transformation, transparency, safety, and surrender.

She wants you to have the opportunity to uncover and embody your unique essence so that you can be a part of the change in a free society – as freedom comes from within. She creates custom made meditations to activate your soul’s awakening with her pure love presence. She will create a safe space for you to explore the dance of the creative juices of your shadow to reveal your own practices of activation, integration and self-honoring.

Clare is clairvoyant, clear, pure, raw, dynamic, and sentient. She is passionate about finding ultimate freedom by experiencing the wisdom and creative force that awaits you at your edge.  Her multitalented charisma will not only embrace you but also guide you to explore the creative juices within your own being to resource you and fill your cup. She offers Transformative Counselling, Sacred Sound Healing, Guided Meditations, Reiki, Soul Journeys, and Embodiment Practices that allow you to awaken your Kundalini life force and come into alignment with your truth. “Do you want to be able to show up in your truth in your relationships and work environment? Do you want to be able to create a support system for yourself with your own pure love presence? Do you want to be able to receive the medicine of your being as your own beloved?” Clare offers tailor-made one on one sessions and program packages to match and support your unique needs. She also runs her own workshops, courses, and retreats.  

Clare has had a colorful life. She grew up in an intergenerational trauma matrix of addiction, neglect, mental health, violence, and emotional abuse. She took it upon herself to discover what a wholesome life could look and feel like by being connected with the Divine. She traveled to over 30 different countries, lived with indigenous communities, and has spent 10 years working in education and sustainable development.  She became aware that true change starts at home, with the Self, and love is the primary. She is committed to being a part of the global shift and would love to invite you to come and explore your soul’s awakening at a cellular level. 

Audio, video and written resources