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Russell Wong

After going through some of the most stressful experiences of my life I cried out to Spirit and I started to receive the answers I was seeking and understood the reason for what seemed to be the almost impossible bad luck in my life.

After continuing to ask, pray, and beg for answers to my questions, the truth started to flow. Starting on December 21, 2012, I wrote down what was given to me by a powerful Spiritual Voice that gently told me to create a spiritual journal to remind me of the truth and to share with my friends and family and anyone who is suffering. At the time, I had no idea what the Spiritual Voice intended to do with the writings.

As the Spiritual Voice continued to bring more truth into my awareness, I asked more and more questions like a thirsty man asks for clean water. The answers kept coming, usually within a day of asking.  And I kept writing. With the replies came tremendous peace, love, joy, and a sense of oneness with the universal consciousness, all things created, and the Unmanifested Spirit which is the Source of the realm of Time and Space.

On a very practical and mundane level, to my astonishment and joy, all of my anxiety, headaches, depression, fear, addictions, loneliness, anger, worries, regrets, and pain were lifted, dissolved away into a sea of peace. All I felt was unconditional love, peace, and joy without a care in the world. What was most astonishing to me was that my outer surroundings and situation had not yet changed, but I had. Abiding in Truth was easing all those worldly pressures and breaking the seemingly unbreakable bondage of the chains of human ego identity I had assumed were as tough as steel but instead melted away like butter. The Peace I felt was undeniable proof to me of the infinite chasm between the dysfunctional ego that sees only illusion and the almost ambrosial Peace that flows through us when we allow Spirit into our lives.

I continued a daily practice of prayer, contemplation, meditation, asking for more truth, and writing. I started to realize that Spirit was writing a book about the flowering of Higher Consciousness on earth. I was an eager and willing vessel to learn the truth for myself and share it with others.  In retrospect, I felt much like a fragile window frame, perishable and without merit in itself that was being flooded with the Sunlight of Spirit that is what is real in all of us.  I was being reminded of deep truths that were just temporarily forgotten due to the myriad distractions as a human form on earth.  I was careful to only write the books when I was prompted by the Spirit to do so. Other than for comparison purposes, I did not want to include my human mind or thoughts in the book.

I felt more like a vessel than a discoverer. After writing over a thousand pages of spiritual revelations flowing through me, I started prayerfully searching through many of the world’s various scriptures and spiritual books to see if these truths were within them as well. To my great joy, there were many stories, sayings, parables, and veiled truths that confirmed what I received from Spirit and these seemingly disparate passages from around the globe all converged, they all originated from the same Source. It was as if the truth would jump out at me as I read the scriptures cover to cover. The fogs had lifted, the cacophony of sounds had settled into stillness and silence, and I finally had eyes to see and ears to hear.

I quietly read through scriptures numerous times and started reading scores of other books looking for the truth that I had received from the Spirit. I always read from a spiritual state, asking for the truth to be revealed to me. I sought with a pure, innocent, humble, childlike, loving, open heart and mind. I did not want my human judgments to interfere with the truth flowing. When I discovered truths that the Spirit confirmed were useful in understanding the contrast between Universal Spirit and earth, I wrote them down and included them in the books.

Your Spiritual Reminders is not a book borne of human ego.  All spiritual truth comes from the same Source.  It is the same Source that created us and all life. It is this Source that created this book you hold. 

My writing and videos of meditations, talks and readings from my books are on Wellversity. 

Since 2012, The Spirit has blessed me by lifting my conscious awareness to see and be in the brilliant light of many in Universal Spirit. It is the most incredible news ever to know and share that this Divine Consciousness exists. The Divine Universal-Energy loves us all unconditionally; Even more astonishing is that each of us is the Divine Universal Energy, like a trillion rays from the same Sun. Spirit is real and is our eternal home.


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Russell Wong

Russell Wong

Author, speaker, spiritual coach